True balanced power can only be attained if every component along the chain is purpose built for such transmission. Mating Plixir’s Signature Balanced Power Cable with Plixir’s Balanced AC Conditioners and Balanced DC linear power supplies, we now have a total system and solution for balanced power transmission – the world’s first fully Balanced Power Delivery system.

The new Plixir Signature BPC is custom designed from ground up for balanced power delivery and transmission to your Hifi equipment. When used in conjunction with our Elite and Elementa BAC Balanced Power Conditioners, noise is rejected throughout the whole chain, right up to your equipment.


High definition for your ears

From concept to design, the goal for our Plixir products has been clear: the accurate and natural reproduction of PureTone.

A violin should sound like a violin, the magical interaction between wood and string.

A trumpet exhibiting the glorious metallic tones of the brass from which it is crafted.

Whether it’s a bright and brassy musical passage, or the sharp tones characteristic of a vocal singer, PureTone accurately and unbiasedly reproduces all the nuances in timbre – nothing more, nothing less.

PureTone is all about going back to the fundamentals of music – when music starts to convey its meaning and stir our soul, so that we begin to understand and emote with the music, no matter the system resolution. And without artificial sweeteners to smoothen and colour the sound.

This is our goal, the pursuit of Pure Tone.


The Problem

DC power supplies are traditionally SMPS-based (switched mode power supply) due to cost reasons: SMPS are cheaper, lighter to ship and accept a wide range of mains AC voltage.

Fig 7B. PLiXiR Elite BDC Power Supply

3-Stage Power Supply

Our range of DC power supplies, besides delivering excellent noise specs and safety, have taken the above points into consideration into our design. Some of our unique design aspects include:

  • A two-stage voltage regulation design consisting of a very low noise, open-loop design discrete transistor class-A driver pre-regulator first stage and a close-loop feedback regulator second stage. The first stage filters the bulk of the noise and takes away the heat from the second stage voltage regulator. The two-stage regulation design as a “gate” to prevent the downstream noise from traversing back to the AC power mains. It eliminates all types of noise downstream to your equipment and prevents pollution upstream to the AC mains. We would like to call this method as the brawn and the brain method. The pre-regulation stage (the brawn) handles most of these issues and isolate the actual regulator stage (the brain) from these ill artefacts. Free of these influences, the actual voltage regulator will be able to perform optimally in terms of noise, slew rate and output impedance, under all rated load conditions.
  • For the Elite balanced DC power supply, we further improved their performance with a Balanced design. With this design, there are no signal ground noise injection by rectifier diodes and elimination of ground loop problems. Also switching noise contributions from AC-DC rectification diodes are also reduced by half, compared to conventional design. The downside is the customised transformer will need to be doubled in size compared to a conventional design size to deliver the same power. The weight and size of the linear power supply will increase. We feel the benefits more than outweigh the issues involved.

Designed To Provide Excellent Noise Specs and Safety.

Fig 7A. Typical DC Power Supply Design

Power Supply Design

Aftermarket linear DC power supplies aim to replace these for improved performance, but 99 per cent of conventional linear DC power supply design on the market suffer flaws:
  • Isolation of noise from the load to the mains AC is often not considered. This can potentially pollute the AC mains and from there, to pollute your other equipment too.
  • Traditional diode bridge noise injection to the signal ground is not taken into account at all. The higher the current delivered by the DC power supply, the bigger amount of noise will be injected to the system ground.