High End Multi-channel Lineair Power Supply

Mr.K’s new linear power supply ONE LPS LPS -06 has six independently adjustable outputs, providing the most convenient and simple solution for CAS systems. ONE LPS has six independent outputs of 5/7/9/12/15/19/24V, for a total of 7 different voltages, and a maximum current of 10A, for a total of 600W power, so it can be used with different devices.

The product is specially equipped with an anti-common mode interference circuit, which minimizes the interference between the outputs of each group, isolates the signal pollution between the devices, and provides the purest and clearest power supply for the audio system.

Two of the six sets of ONE LPS outputs are permanently enabled, mainly for modems and routers. The other four sets of outputs can be set to personalize the program change mode, and the start sequence and interval between each device can be set according to the user’s preference. Once set, the power supply output is turned on and off to start up and shut down in reverse order.

In addition to the need to share the output of the power supply, safety is also an important point that should not be ignored. The ONE LPS is equipped with full protection against current and voltage overloads and overheating. As soon as the power supply detects an abnormal situation, the protection is activated and the power supply is immediately cut off to ensure that the user’s equipment is not damaged by unexpected situations.

The booming products in the audio industry in recent years are probably the ground boxes. Audiophiles may own one or more ground boxes. The One LPS also has a special copper rod on the back that users can use according to their preferences. The way the ground box is connected offers a variety of practical ways to increase the adaptability of the equipment.

ONE LPS linear power supplies are all made in Hong Kong and are genuine local brand. Designer Mr. K is an experienced electronics engineer with numerous patented designs. Power supply design is his area of expertise. A good power supply is definitely a good sound.

Design by Mr. K One LPS-06 Lineaire Voeding CAS 6-Kanaals